Commerical Square Bar Form - 89mm

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Artikelnummer:: SEC-003
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“Commercial Square”-profile - 8 ft -243cm

To create a clean Cast in Place countertop

Finally a concrete countertop form with a heavy duty appearance for commercial bar tops and islands. Instead of the standard 57mm (2 ¼”) tall appearance from our regular forms, this form gives you the appearance of an 89mm (3 ½”) thick top. There are no backwall forms included.

To use, place 18mm melamine coated particle board, concrete casting or a Wedi fiber board on top of the structure. The board should be kept in place with screws and silicon or polymer caulking. The forms will then be screwed into the board with a 20mm panhead screw. After the concrete is poured, the forms are snapped off along the designated "break point" to reveal a beautiful clean edge.

You can reduce the weight and amount of concrete needed by filling up the non-structural parts with a dense XPS foam (e.g. Styrodur or Roofmate) and use a high performance GFRC mix.

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