NR.3 Adpak - NO FIBER - PerfectFinish (3,5 kg) - Cast in Place

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General description

A very strong (GFRC / ECC) concrete can be created with use of a sophisticated mix of products. NR.3 Adpak - NO FIBERS is the third product necessary to make high performance concrete. The concrete is colourfast, has minimal shrinkage, good processability and creates a beautiful finish with cast in place/trowel technique. Reinforcement is practically redundant. Use in combination with a fiber reinforced base layer. 

To combine with:

  • 2 BaseColor
  • 4 SuperSealz
  • 5 Super White Portland Cement
  • 25 kg Sand


  • Brand: CRTE
  • Makes 37 kg/18 liters of high performance design concrete
  • Sufficient for 1mat an 18 mm thickness
  • 3 Adpak can also be used to make your very own GFRC / ECC concrete mix.
    • Add one Adpak part to two parts of cement.
    • The cement component in the concrete must be at least 21%.

For user manuals and ideas check our YouTube


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