Making Concrete Project

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Making Concrete Project

Make your own concrete project. The StarterPak contains all ingredients to make 37kg/18 liter high performance concrete. That equals 1 m2 at 18mm thickness. Suitable for concrete counter tops, concrete sinks and other concrete projects.

Is it difficult to make your own concrete project?

No, provides you everything to make it easy!

You choose a color and calculate how much concrete you need to make your own concrete project. Think of concrete countertops, concrete sinks or tabletops.

The system:

The StarterPak and BasePak of contain all ingredients to make 37kg/18 liter of high performance concrete. That equals 1 m2 at 18mm thickness.

By a well-designed mix of products we created a high performance glass fiber reinforced concrete. (GFRC/ECC). Products can be made at a minimum thickness of 18mm.

Rebar is virtually unnecessary.

The concrete is color fast, with minimum shrinkage, easy to handle and easy to finish.

We recommend beginning with a StarterPak.

The StarterPak contains some nice features you definitely need to get a nice result.

Think of Caulking Tools, a measuring cup, a RepairKit, a SealerKit and microfiber clothes.

With the SealerKit you can treat 5m2 concrete.

Is your project bigger and you need more concrete? Use BasePaks. These also contain all ingredients to make 37kg/18 liter of high performance concrete.

Also the SealerKit is separately available in our web shop.

You only add 25 kg of sand (0-2mm) per StarterPak/BasePak and water.

NR.6 Sand is sold separately in the web shop.


Contents StarterPak: 

  • NR.2 BaseColor (450 gr), Ultra Fine color for DesignConcrete.
  • NR.3 Adpak (3,5 kg), additives for high performance concrete. Contains for example alkali resistant glass fiber.
  • NR.4 SuperSealz (200 gr), reduces air. Easier mixing. Reduces amount of water needed. Creates a smooth finish.
  • NR.5 Super White Cement (8 kg), high quality super white cement.
  • RepairKit (NR.7 RepairBase + NR. 8 RepairColor), colored repair paste for concrete.
  • SealerKit for 5 m2, seals the surface to prevent dirt and grease stains.
  • Microfiber clothes (2 pieces), to apply the Sealer.
  • Caulking Tool Kit, provides nice finishing of your mold.
  • Measuring cup, plastic measuring cup to precisely measure quantities.


A BasePak contains NR.2 BaseColor, NR.3 Adpak, NR.4 SuperSealz and NR.5 Super White Cement.

In the movie below you’ll find out how to use the StarterPak:


Use a StarterPak for example to make:

-Concrete countertops
-Concrete sinks
-Concrete bathroom countertops
-Concrete lamps
-Concrete bar tops
-Concrete garden tables
-Concrete tabletops
-Concrete garden seats
-Concrete outdoor kitchens or BBQs

The possibilities are unlimited. Let your fantasy do the job!

Click here to buy your StarterPak!



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